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Education Program

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(See students in need of Sponsors, below)

During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, almost all of the schools were destroyed and many of the teachers were killed. An entire generation lost the chance for an education. Some students were able to go back to school with help from the government, but in recent years this well has dried up, leaving them again without hope for an education or a future.

World Dance for Humanity works hard to raise the funds each year to make sure that the young people in the communities we serve can go to school. When we started our program in 2013, most of the students we helped were in primary school – a few in high school. All that has changed, now that the families we’re working with have a dependable income and the means to send their children to primary school. In 2023 we are making it possible for 293 Rwandan students to attend school – in Primary, Secondary, and College. We’re able to do this with the help of our Student Sponsors, our Thriller event proceeds, and donations.

Our Rwanda Team meets with the students three times during the year to check up on their progress and offer extra support where needed. In December, we hold a three-day Student Leadership Training for the high school and college students. It is an extraordinary, life-changing experience for the participants, giving them the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become the leaders of their communities.

Each of our students has a WD4H Sponsor they communicate during the year. It is so meaningful to the students to know there is someone who cares about their education and their future, and they are incredibly grateful for the chance they have been given.

Being a Sponsor means writing to your student a few times a year by email via Janet, and covering their tuition to the best of your ability:


  • $230/year for Primary School

  • $480/year for High School

  • $1,200/year for University

  • $650 for University Senior

If a Sponsor cannot afford their student’s tuition all the way through school, WD4H helps cover the cost through our Thriller event and general donations. Some Sponsors also “co-sponsor” their student with friends, family or co-workers.

Contact Janet to become a Student Sponsor

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Students in Need of Sponsors

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