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Justin Bisengimana - Program Director

Born in Kigali in 1983, Justin spent much of his youth in Nakivale Refugee camp in Uganda. Returning to Rwanda as a young man, he obtained a degree in Travel and Tourism Management and trained in NGO management in Uganda and Kenya, gaining a Master’s Degree in Project Management. He worked as an administrator and operations manager for Care International and other international and local NGOs. He started working for Santa Barbara-based Goats for Life in 2009. When GFL founder Betsy Kain retired and handed her program to World Dance for Humanity, we hired Justin to continue the work he had begun. Justin and his wife Alice have three children and a supportive extended family.

Justin leads all of our community work in Rwanda. He has the practical skills, experience, and wisdom to implement a very successful, impactful program. And he is a true leader, dedicated heart and soul to helping the people of Rwanda improve their lives. He approaches the work with deep love and compassion, and long-term commitment. We are extremely blessed to be working with this extraordinary man.

“I learned from my mother at an early age to be concerned about vulnerable people. My dream has always been to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.”


Dany Rukundo - Program Assistant

Dany is one of seven children and ten grandchildren. He graduated from the National University of Rwanda in October, 2012 – Faculty of Arts, Media and Social Sciences. He served from 2012 to 2014 as Audit Manager for the One Acre Fund, an agriculture NGO. He joined the WD4H Rwanda Team in January 2014. He and his wife, Media, have two children together.


“I am good friend as my name Rukundo means ‘person who loves’. I love all people we work with, especially kids, particular the disable ones. As their testimonies are proving it, we are helping communities in extreme poverty to help themselves. They now have a value in their community. We bring hope to hopeless, reconciliation from working together, that good work. We are empowering them in what they are doing unlocking their potential for attend successful output by using small resources. Without doubt, I can say that our program is the important to our beneficiaries. I wish that can continue and expanding this program."


Jovy Kakwezi - Business Coordinator

Jovy joined our Team in 2022 as the Kayonze Office Manager. In 2024, she was promoted to Business Coordinator. She has a challenging job, working with all of the cooperatives on their collectively-run businesses – helping them envision, plan, launch, monitor, and develop the enterprises. She comes from our very own Ruganeheza Cooperative and her education was funded by Besty Stivers.


Odilla Nyibizi - Education Coordinator

In March 2021, we welcomed Odilla as our new Education Coordinator. Odilla was orphaned as a child, and in 2008, at the age of 12, became part of Ejo Habo (Their Tomorrow), the orphanage WD4H supports. Janet Reineck became her Sponsor when she was in high school. Odilla excelled in school, was accepted into college (something very hard to do in Rwanda), and earned a BS in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Rwanda. She has served as the President of Ejo Habo since 2012, leading this family of 25 together with Justin’s mother Julian, the “mother” of them all. She is a skilled leader, knows all of our students, understands our work at a very deep level, and will do a great job facilitating communication between students and their sponsors. She is leaving her co-op in the able hands of the other orphans who share the leadership responsibilities with her.

“I am very excited to be with you now. From the time I got connected with WD4H, I have had hunger and desire to be part of this work. I am very happy to work with this amazing Rwandan Team, to whom I am much familiar. I believe that it is my time to fulfill my dream of struggling for community development. I feel fully committed to it. I am ready to learn, serve, and be creative and innovative for the good of our work together. I have not enough words to share with you what I have in my heart in regard to this amazing opportunity. Thank you very much for welcoming me with joy – I treasure working with you.”


Etienne Byishimo - Financial Reviewer

In February of 2021, we welcomed Etienne as our new Rwanda Finance Reviewer. Etienne received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Parul University in Gujarat, India, where he served as a Rwandan International Student Leader. For the past four years he has been working as an accountant for Horizon Transport, a large company based in Kigali. Etienne oversees our Rwanda finances: helping Justin with the bookkeeping and keeping a close eye on our accounts, and providing oversight and guidance. He has already been a huge help to Justin!

“I would love to express my appreciations for World Dance for Humanity and the Rwandan Team for giving me this amazing opportunity to work with you all of you. I will put much effort and invest my heart to make positive changes in the work!”

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